#NativeExpo: A Luxury Experience
2:00 PM14:00

#NativeExpo: A Luxury Experience

It's The Most Inspiring #NativeExpo Yet!

A Luxury Experience is one that encompasses every element to inspire and spark creativity. It’s the Ultimate Inspiration, an understanding of thought translated into physical, visual, literal, and innovative mediums. The experience will feature a food tasting, live performances, great music by the biggest Dj's All Night, and the start to a breakthrough year of growth!

5 Sections, 5 Accompanying Tastes Specific To The Human Pallet and A Multitude of Talent, Creatives, & Professionals Alike. All focused on one thing, Experience. We want to take you to higher limits, stop by and spark your mind. Limited Seats Available**

* Please Arrive At Least 5 Mins Prior To Time Slot, Event Starts and Ends PRECISELY ON TIME.

All Inclusive Food. Drink Specials Available All Day‼️

Partial Proceeds will be going towards our National Homelessness Awareness Initiative,

The War On Cold Campaign

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2:00 PM14:00

The Consciously Lit Pop Up/Day Party

Are You Consciously Lit? Care about the world and like to have fun too? Pop Out to Our Pop Up Day Party Free W RSVP! We will be collectinng gently or unused clothing articlss for Our National Homelessness Awareness Iniatitive, The War On Cold Campaign. (Learn More At NativeHospitality.Org)

Cash Bar, Food, & A Consciously Lit Time!

18+ Enter, 21+ To Drink

Bring A Friend, Lets Have Some Fun!

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#NativeExpo: The Art Of Attraction
to Nov 18

#NativeExpo: The Art Of Attraction

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When you think of the word attraction what comes to mind? Conversation? Electricity? Sex? What about your environment? If you could make your dreams come true just by changing your mind and your surroundings, would you?

Experience a night of culture with professionals and creatives alike.

Native Expo will be focusing on the law of attraction, these artists all have an image paying respect to an aspect of the human experience. Please take a journey with us, indulge in your mental desires, self-love, growth, understanding and fun.

18+ for Entry/ 21+ to Drink

Dress Code


Make sure to dress to impress, be your OWN BRAND


There are 3 rules for this event

1. Introduce yourself to everybody you meet.

2. Don't be shy ask a personal question! Small talk usually lasts about 30 seconds-2 minutes, time is ticking so make it count.

3. Have fun! It's Saturday and you're off of work, so why not live your best life?

Native Hospitality LLC, "A Conscious Space For Free Thinkers."


Helping to improve businesses and individuals alike, we offer Brand Creation, Web/Graphic Design, Professional Development, and Marketing Services. The sky’s the limit, so why not be great in all that you do? With our professional registry; businesses, artists, and professionals can submit their contact information to network in or outside of their field. Registrees can receive job offers, promotions, and opportunities to speak, vend, or perform at one of our many premium events.

Brought to you by Native Hospitality LLC.

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A Native Expo
7:00 PM19:00

A Native Expo

An ode to Culture and Creation, #NativeExpo is a networking event bringing Cultural Expression, Opportunity, and Inspiration together into an enticing ensemble. What better way to network than with a conversation piece? Come and make new friends as you explore the potential of passion and ideas alongside professionals in your field.

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to Aug 27

The Self Love Series

What does it mean to love your “self”?

Self-Love is defined as- “regard for one’s well-being and happiness.”

To truly understand a concept, we have to understand the root of the word.

Self- “a person’s essential being that distinguishes it from others”

Love- “An intense feeling of deep affection”

In a sense Self Love is Essential Affection, it’s something that we all need to grow and maintain our success & mental health.

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