Sales Executive Job Description

Looking for an opportunity to lead a diverse team of sales professionals in a top-level position that offers competitive pay and benefits in a fun and goal-oriented environment? Join our team today and experience first-hand how good it feels to work for a growing company that emphasizes interdepartmental cooperation and unity. As a highly appreciated sales executive, you will have the opportunity to advance your sales career to the next level with a stable company that is currently experiencing unprecedented success. We are open to new ways of thinking, so bring your skills and innovative ideas to the table, and help us create an environment that will continue to attract the most talented professionals in the sales industry.

Job Responsibilities

  • Cooperate with the sales team to develop and execute a business plan designed to increase revenue and attract new prospects.

  • Ensure that your team meets weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals by offering attractive commissions and rewards.

  • Understand the benefits of the products and services offered by our company, and fluently articulate those benefits to customers.

  • Maintain a high client retention rate through proper training, emphasizing quality customer service, client visits and cold calling techniques.

  • Track daily sales using company-provided software, and prepare and present sales reports at weekly meetings.

  • Identify any weaknesses or additional training needed by the sales team, and implement training programs as needed to improve performance.

  • Utilize professional networks to improve relationships with current customers and reach out to new prospects.

  • Review industry-specific pricing and commission structures to ensure that our prices and commissions remain competitive. Come up with pricing modifications as needed and present them for review during management meetings.

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Three or more years of sales experience

  • At least five years of management experience

  • Proficiency in current selling and retention techniques

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to create and implement robust sales goals


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in relevant field

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