Tired of those boring retreats & conventions, just all talk & no fun? Us Too.

Welcome To The Lit Business Retreat Weekend. Featuring Networking with Industry leaders, CEO’s & Professionals in finance, real estate, business, & entertainment. Brought to you by Native Hospitality In collaboration with Unapologetic NYC, Power 105.1, Love & Hip Hop & More! Lets Build and Live This Year, The Breakthrough Year.


We offer consulting and networking services for businesses and individuals.



Let’s make new friends! Want to connect to experts in your dream field? Nervous about where to start? Try here!



It’s time for your idea to shine, lets spread it to the world! Click here to learn about our Marketing services.


Business Development

It takes a lot to start a new business but problem is there’s not enough of you, let us do the work for you! We handle brand building, web design, and start up creation!

How It Works

Our Mission:

To provide innovative growth to individuals and firms aiming to break new barriers in & outside of their industry.


How we do it?

Native Hospitality is a Creative Company composed of three aspects; Networking, Consulting, Marketing. We believe that its insufficient to just teach somebody how to fish, its better when you teach & help them develop their unique style, give them a map of areas/times of activity, and a plan to ensure that they’ve become able to create more fisherman after our service is done.

I.e. We don’t just give you a product and leave you to the wind. We provide Consulting to understand your vision and how to bring it to life, Marketing so your product puts its best foot forward, and Networking opportunities that allow you to take your business to the next level.

The Process

Step 1: Idea Brainstorm, We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

Step 2: Consultation: Talk To Us, Let's Make A Plan

Step 3: Incubation: We Got This!

Step 4: Launch: Let’s Show The World!

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting



Web Design/Development

Web Design/Development

Business Creation

Business Creation

Professional Writing

Professional Writing


Are You Consciously Lit?


 Conscious Colors Limited Edition*

Featured Course


Billionaire Basics Course
By The Financial Oprah

The Billionaire Basics course is designed for the person who has finally decided to take control of their finances but has no clue whatsoever on where to begin. The course is broken down and very easy to understand. Not only does the course teach you what financial instruments are, you will be taught how to purchase and how to make money in the market.

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