HR Recruiter


  • Work Closely with HR Director & Executive Team to design and update job descriptions

  • Source potential candidates from various online channels (e.g. social media and professional platforms like StackOverflow and Behance)

  • Craft recruiting emails to attract passive candidates

  • Screen incoming resumes and application forms

  • Interview candidates (via phone, video and in-person)

  • Prepare and distribute assignments and numerical, language and logical reasoning tests

  • Advertise job openings on company’s careers page, social media, job boards and internally

  • Provide shortlists of qualified candidates to hiring managers

  • Send job offer emails and answer queries about compensation and benefits

  • Monitor key HR metrics, including time-to-fill, time-to-hire and source of hire

  • Participate in job fairs and host in-house recruitment events

  • Collaborate with managers to identify future hiring needs

  • Act as a consultant to new hires and help them on-board


  • Proven work experience as an HR Recruiter or similar role

  • Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases

  • Experience with sourcing techniques

  • Understanding of referral programs

  • Solid verbal and written communication skills

  • Sound judgement

  • Experience in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology or relevant field

  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred


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